My next ultra sound is exactly a week from today...I'll be almost 17 weeks and reallllllly hoping they can pick up if my little bean is a boy or girl. I know maybe I may not know the gender just yet- regardless def planning on booking a private gender scan at 22 weeks! With names … Continue reading Hopeful


One thing I hate about not having the dad around is, I have no one to obsess over the baby and it's development with. I'm so crazy full of love and excitement and I just wish I had someone to share in all this joy and anticipation with me 😞 Yes of course, friends and … Continue reading Lonely

Pregnancy is beautiful

Morning sickness creeped up in the middle of the afternoon. I threw up in toilet a ton and peed myself just a little while doing so. Fun times today really. Lol gosh I love this baby. I found myself just laughing after and saying hej to πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ