One thing I hate about not having the dad around is, I have no one to obsess over the baby and it’s development with.

I’m so crazy full of love and excitement and I just wish I had someone to share in all this joy and anticipation with me 😞

Yes of course, friends and family are happy and I can talk about it but (even though I don’t know for sure, because I’ve never gotten a chance to really experience it), I can imagine having a partner, the daddy, to be with me and share in this incredible journey could be a whole different level of support I need.

It gets lonely and I just wish he was here to share this experience with me or at least care to check in with the progress with the baby and maybe even me. I just wish it wasn’t too much to wish for. Sometimes I just wish I could be one of those lucky women who had the love of support from their partners.

I never knew that would be too much to ask for 🥺 I never knew it was something god didn’t think I deserved 😥


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