Last email

Sent my last message to him in a short email.

Feeling like a rainstorm coming outa my eyes. For the first time though, I realize I need to let go and this just wasn’t for me. It’s hard not to feel good enough but I’m aware of the genuine love I have for him and to be honest I’ve never given myself so wholeheartedly to a person before.

Of course there are many things I could have done better but for right now I know I gave all of me and that was enough… maybe not for him but it was. I know it’s Definitely going to be a long road ahead getting over him and I still have lots of tears to cry, but I know I need to find the courage to feel better by force to protect my little angel from mommy’s negative feelings.

Now off to get practical things done on my last day in lalaland. Both flights already checked in and it’s going to be a new start for both of us.

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